Stochastic Computing & Unary Processing

Proposed Binarized Neural Network

Architecture of prior bitstream processing BNN and the proposed model: (a) Hardware units of prior art. Region I: multiplication, Region II: population count and cumulative addition, Region III: decision of activation by subtraction. (b) Architecture of our proposed framework. The signed bit is 0 by default and is set to 1 if and only if the counter reaches a predefined threshold that has been hard-coded in the masking logic. Region I: multiplication, Region II: population count & masking logic = truncated MOD-T counter.

Hyperdimensional Computing

Proposed Hyperdimensional Encoding
A new encoding in an n-gram-based HDC system illustrating letter processing: I - New encoding, conventional training, and similarity check in the inference. II - Deployment of the proposed approach.

Agricultural Data Processing

A Tool for Plant Monitoring

QR code in the image is found. This is for the reference length to compare the plant growth. Then, active contour algorithm is used to decide the amount of plant growth with pixel counts. All the coding was handled in C#.

Biometrics & Data Embedding

Proposed Data Hiding 

Using QR code in the biometric data transmission is a bright idea to confuse intruders. The raw data of biometric face image is not shared openly, but its extracted data is sent. Also, it is mixed up randomly by using permutation cipher that the actual positions are stored as key for deciphering process on the destination side. After, this complex data is encoded into QR code where the key of one other image tile is randomly put into QR, too. The key is hidden via steganography. 

Embedded Biometric System Design

Biometric-based Access Control System Design

For the Access Control System (ACS), fingerprint sensor takes the fingerprint image as 256x288 pixels in gray level. Then inside of the sensor, the whole image is transferred into characteristic file, and after into a template. In our system, the data from the sensor is saved in the smart card securely. Extracted data from fingerprint must be stored securely in the smart card which does not have any extra protection mechanism. Therefore, biometric data hiding or encryption must be handled. Both user and the admin panel have been designed. Admin accesses his/her privileges by using RFID card. GUI and admin panel with REFID reader communicates via RS-232. Admin panel and the user panel communities via wireless sensors. User panel has touch screen for all system interface.

Recommendation Systems

Adequate weight-metric Combination for Dynamic User-based Collaborative Filtering